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Becky Salita, Owner

Thanks for visiting the personnel page of my website because it’s my staff; people, who make A-List Entertainment & Events what it is.

I bought A-List Entertainment in 2013 after having been a two time, ecstatically satisfied client. My husband, Dean, and I, hired A-List to entertain at our oldest children’s’ bar and bat mitzvahs. We have three children and, after them, and our furry, mini Australian Shepard, Rothko, A-List has been my baby. I changed the name to A-List Entertainment & Events because we are more than a “DJ company”.

We do so much more for our clients. We still provide top-notch DJ entertainment and we also provide full-service event planning. Our team will help you from the very beginning when you are just thinking about the daunting list of things to do as you get started. We will brainstorm theme ideas with you; we will help create and choose invitations with you; we will help you find your venues and your vendors. We will meet with you and your synagogue staff. We do it all for your entire multi-event weekend: thinking, creating, planning, executing.

It is the perfect business for me: I get to express my love of aesthetics, and music…and I am privileged to help people create and direct their event from the beginning to the end. I can’t wait to get started helping you create and execute your event!

~ Becky Salita