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Our History


When I was thirteen years old, I became a Bar Mitzvah and was so lucky because my parents hired the coolest, most innovative entertainment company Minnesota had ever seen.  It changed how people viewed Bar and Bat Mitzvah entertainment from then on. So enamored by the fun of my event, I stayed in touch with the staff from my awesome party and, as soon as I turned sixteen, I started working for that same company, DJs Unlimited, as a dancer and MC.

Six years later, after graduating from college, Geoff Sudit and I started A- List Entertainment. We remembered how my Bar Mitzvah party changed the way people approached booking entertainment to celebrate their important life cycle events and we realized that the elements required to create an amazing bar/bat mitzvah, were the same elements needed to create any kind of celebratory event: birthday parties, anniversary parties, corporate gatherings, Quinceañeras, and weddings. We focused on a few key features: customer service, accessibility, the best staff in the industry, and innovation. 

We constantly strived for ways to improve on what we were doing in order to keep our parties fresh and we were rewarded by growing A-List into one of the most requested entertainment companies in the Twin Cities. We could not have achieved the success we had without our loyal clients. You sent siblings and cousins and friends and neighbors to us.  Thank you. We also owe a debt of gratitude to our vendor partners who have always collaborated with us to create unforgettable events.

When the time came for Geoff and I to move out of the ownership position, we wanted to make sure whoever took it over was going to run it and love it like we did. We could not be happier to have sold A-List to Becky Salita. We are so happy to see where Becky has taken A-List and we are confident A-List will continue to be the first choice in Twin Cities entertainment for years to come.

– Ross Marcus

I celebrated my own Bar Mitzvah in 1998, a few short months after Ross Marcus celebrated his and introduced the Twin Cities market to fresh entertainment.  Before that, a party consisted of just a DJ who would simply play music with very little guest interaction, no MC, and no dancers. Like Ross, when I turned sixteen, I went to work for DJs Unlimited, but I chose to be a DJ while Ross started as a dancer and eventually became a popular, highly requested MC.  We both worked a few times a month throughout our high school years and occasionally during college breaks. We both loved the business so immediately upon college graduation, I called Ross and brought up the idea of starting our own entertainment business.  He was on board and we spent the summer of 2007 planning, purchasing equipment and training staff. We landed our first couple of parties based on our family connections in town. We proved ourselves reliable and innovative, and we were up and running.

Ross and I, as partners, ran A-List Entertainment, successfully, for the next six years, until the time came, in 2013, for us to move on. I know that A-List is in capable, loving hands. Becky Salita will take the Twin Cities entertainment scene to the next level and I wish the company many years of success.

– Geoff Sudit