Becky Salita, Owner

Thanks for visiting the personnel page of my website because it’s my staff; people, who make A-List Entertainment & Events what it is.

Aesthetics have always played an extremely important role in my life – I just came out that way – loving pretty things, tasty treats, enjoying decorating and throwing fun, colorful parties.  So it makes sense that my undergraduate degree is in Retail Management.  Upon graduation from college, I had the joy of managing an upscale women’s clothing boutique in Madison, WI.

I really enjoyed working with my staff, merchandising the store, and talking with and catering to my customer’s needs.

I liked client interaction so much and the good feeling that comes from helping people that I got sidetracked away from business and fashion.

I wanted a new challenge so I went for a different kind of stimulation…I went to law school and was the best-dressed law student Hamline University ever saw!   Think Elle Woods circa 1990!  Shoulder pads were still in and despite that fashion choice, I was able to land a man.  Hamline is where I met my husband, Dean.

We bought our first house and after practicing family law for a short time, I chose to combine my sales background with my legal education and took a job selling advertising.

I left my position, only, to begin the toughest, most rewarding negotiation of my life – parenthood! Dean and I, together, have been raising three human beings for the last seventeen years and we are deeply rooted in the Minnetonka community.

About the same time A-List Entertainment & Events was founded by my predecessors, Ross Marcus and Geoffrey Sudit, I began acting in local musical theater productions – just for fun!  I participate with my girls and the time spent singing and dancing alongside of them, doing what we all love to do, is magical.

I also direct, at the elementary school level, as part of Minnetonka’s Elementary School Musical Program that allows hundreds of kids the opportunity to participate in full – scale productions with professional sound, lighting, costumes and sets.

My managerial and directing experiences led me to explore other opportunities in entertainment and after having been a two time, ecstatically satisfied client of A-List Entertainment & Events, I was hooked.  Ross and Geoff brought playful, creative energy to their roles in A-List and I wanted to be a part of that energy. So, when A-List became available for purchase, I jumped at the opportunity to buy the company.

Becky Salita

It is the perfect business for me: I get to express my love of aesthetics, and music…and I am privileged to help people direct the entertainment portion of their event from the beginning to the end, just like directing a theatrical production.  Creating and directing an event takes the three Cs – communication, coordination and collaboration.  It also requires paying close attention to detail – all skills I acquired along the way.

I am having so much fun meeting with clients and collaborating with other vendors and venue staff.  I really love talking with my clients; bar/bat mitzvah boys and girls and wedding couples who have a vision and are so over-the-moon excited about their big day coming up.  I find tremendous joy in explaining A-List Entertainment & Events packages, in offering suggestions for fun venues and partner vendors to add to the event, and, most importantly, I love listening to the client share his/her vision for the perfect event.

I can’t wait to get started helping you plan your next event!

~ Becky Salita

I can’t wait to help you plan the entertainment portion of your event!